Adult Dance Classes

509 Dance Program (For Partners)

Latin dance

Adults who are interested in exploring the fascinating and wonderful world of dance should definitely take the opportunity to enroll at 509 Dance. The school offers a variety of dance programs specially developed for adults, with a focus on physical fitness and range of movement. These programs are chaired by trained and experienced instructors, most of whom are recognized authorities in their respective dance fields.

509 Dance programs are great for building confidence as well as developing body awareness. With the dance programs offered by 509 Dance, adults have a valuable opportunity to experience the sheer joy of movement.

509 Dance offers the Limón Technique in a dance program intended for beginner- and intermediate-level adults. The Limón technique is closely related to a number of classical dance forms, and emphasizes freedom of movement. With instructor Meredith Thompson and accompanist Robin Buckley, the program is one of the most innovative contemporary dance programs in Canada. Classes in the Limón Technique are offered to students on a drop-in basis from the months of September to June.

509 Dance also offers an Adult Advanced dance program, which is ideally suited to students that have intermediate-level experience in dance. Instructed by Josh Nitkin, the program offers a great way for adult dancers to develop musicality while learning the basic concepts of tap dancing. Compared to similar dance programs, this program is unique in that it blends a rhythmic approach to the timeless art of movement. The Adult Advanced program is offered from September to January to drop-in students.

Those who are just starting to explore dance will benefit the most from 509 Dance’s Adult Beginner program, which focuses on social dancing forms. Covering styles such as swing, salsa, cha-cha, tango, samba, the foxtrot, and the waltz, this program is a great way to improve coordination and enhance posture, and to learn how to dance with a partner. The program is scheduled in six-week sessions and is available all year. Adults who wish to enroll in this program may opt for a drop-in or a class card arrangement. Please note that students who opt for class cards will have to use them within 12 weeks of purchase.